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You can now make video calls in Messenger Lite for Android

cjmagowan  —  9 months ago ( Mar 08, 2018 )    |    News, Technology

If you want a blazing fast Messenger from Facebook, the Messenger Lite is the way to go but there are features from the full-blown Messenger app that’s missing with its Lite counterpart. Today, Facebook decided to included one of the most valuable feature on its messaging platform and that’s the ability to make video calls.

Facebook Messenger Lite offers many of its core messaging features including text, photos, links and audio calls but does not include video chats. However, Facebook believes that video chat is also a core part of communication and having it removed from their Messenger Lite app would not make any sense.

Making a video call on Messenger Lite is relatively easily and like the primary Messenger app on Facebook, users only need to tap the video cam icon from the top to engage its video chat service.

Despite the addition of this feature, still the Messenger Lite is less than 10MB in size and runs as fast as it did before.

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