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Microsoft Research introduces “Analog” Keyboard for Android Wear devices

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Oct 12, 2014 )    |    Gadgets, Technology


As a software maker, Microsoft has continually support Android. This is evident from what the company has recently came up with which the software maker still considers as a prototype software designed for Android Wear powered wearable devices. Microsoft calls it as “Analog” keyboard for Android Wear and uses handwritten recognition abilities to create letter from what the user have written in the writing space provided. It can recognize not just written letters and numbers, the Analog keyboard can also understand special characters pretty easily.

The Microsoft Analog keyboard for Android Wear supports both square with 320 x 320 screens and round display variants, in an example video below, the user can certainly create words easily through the keyboard, instead of using gestures for backspace and spaces, the software has built-in buttons for those keys to provide ergonomics when writing. As the user draws characters on the space provided, the top of the screen prints the letters what the user have just written. These feature allows easy messaging and searching from the wearable devices and provides a simple alternative from a traditional push button keyboards and would rather play naturally for screens which are relatively small in size.

To get a glimpse on what Microsoft could do to Android Wear devices, watch the video below as it features the highlights of the software which should easily get Android Wear users attention.