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Swype ends support, Creator Nuance to focus on AI solutions for businesses

cjmagowan  —  10 months ago ( Feb 21, 2018 )    |    News

Nuance, the creator of Swype keyboard had decided to discontinue the development of its Swype on-screen keyboard both for Android and iOS. I remembered a few years ago when Nuance launched the keyboard app on Play Store, we had it downloaded into our smartphones and showing it off with everyone else how convenient it is to make a word just by swiping around the on-screen keyboard without literally typing in them. That was the first thing we saw the real evolution of the keyboard.

According to a statement published on Reddit:

Nuance will no longer be updating the Swype+Dragon keyboard for Android. We’re sorry to leave the direct-to-consumer keyboard business, but this change is necessary to allow us to concentrate on developing our AI solutions for sale directly to businesses. We hope you enjoyed using Swype, we sure enjoyed working with the Swype community.

Nuance pioneered the rise of swipe on-screen keyboard which are now found on almost every Android and iOS devices in the market. They have popularized the idea of these keyboards that spawned a lot of alternatives which we could find on Google Play or the App Store and over time, Apple and Google found them alternatively useful than just typing out words.

Despite this knowledge, the Swype keyboard is still available from either Apple App Store or Google Play but they won’t be updated from now on.

Image Credithowtogeek