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Smart and Globe outs their Galaxy Note8 Plans

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Sep 10, 2017 )    |    News

Samsung’s latest flagship the Galaxy Note8 isn’t cheap and it will probably break an average Juan’s bank account if it tries to take it home. Just for the record, the Galaxy Note8 is the country’s most expensive high-end flagship device to date, surpassing the iPhone 7 Plus barrier, though this could be short-lived until the next Apple iPhone as it is also expected to break grounds. But for now, as we’ve said, the Galaxy Note8 is the king of the hill in terms of specs and that hefty price tag.

As an average Juan looks impossible to take this device in one go, fortunately, Mobile carriers in the country offers mobile contracts or commonly known as Phone Plans at an affordable price. Smart Telecommunication and Globe Telecom already has one at the moment where users can get the device at 2,499 or 2,699 a month respectively which are the best deals that these Carriers are offering at the moment.

Smart Telecommunication

Pre-order is up until September 2017 with an initial cash out of 3,499 Php (which includes your initial monthly bill plus a device cash out for just 1,000 Php) and a locked-in period of 30 months. Your monthly dues is at 2,499 Php and that includes a Smart Plan 999 plus your 1,500 monthly amortization for the phone for the next 30 months. For the Smart Plan 999 you’ll get 10GB of monthly data allowance, 500MB for Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp, 50 minutes calls and unlimited texts to all networks plus a discounted call rates at 4 Php/min when you dial a Smart/TNT number after the 50 minute allocation is consumed. And lastly, when you pre-order, you’ll get a 1 month free trial to iFlix, just incase you need it.

Smart also has other Postpaid plans available that suits your budget and to get more about their terms click here.

Globe Telecom

While Smart Postpaid plans are offered through a 30-month contract, Globe on the other hand offers a lower 24-month contract for their Globe ThePlan. For 2,699 Php a month, you’ll be getting a Globe ThePlan 1499 plus a 1,200 for the phone on your bill. What makes them different from smart though since it sits on a 24-month contract, you’ll need a cash out of 28,800 Php to get started.

With Globe’s ThePlan 1499, you’ll get 8GB of month data allocation, unlimited calls and text to Globe and TM and free access to NetFlix for 6 months and Spotify Premium for 3 months.

Like the other Carrier, Globe also offers the Galaxy Note8 on other Postpaid plans that fits your budget, it’s just that you be the one to decide what features that you’ll need and want from your Postpaid plan. For more information about Globe’s offering click here.


Either of these two mobile carriers, when you pre-order, you’ll get a free AKG Wireless speaker that costs 7,990 Php the same thing with pre-ordering the Galaxy Note8 from Samsung stores around the country, but having them openline out of the box is at 49,990 so you’ll have to decide which route to take. Hurry though as the pre-order period only runs until September 17 which includes the wireless speaker.