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Samsung is reportedly announcing the Galaxy Note 5 earlier than expected, eyes on the iPhone 6s

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( May 18, 2015 )    |    News, Technology


Like in the past, it’s the time of the year when rumors hits the mill and speculations floats over the vastness of the internet at one of the largest and most Notable device in the mobile market prepares to leave the research facility of the company’s secret base and out in the open, shows the world that the next of the next big thing is just right around the corner. The Galaxy Note series is Samsung’s second flagship device that despite its release on the calendar year has been the de facto standard in today’s phablet realm and its feature set always introduces the new technologies that future gadgets from Samsung would feature in the next year to come.

Traditionally, a Samsung Galaxy Note device is always unveiled inline with IFA which is regularly held in Berlin annually but as rumors piled up and information leaks out from the inside of Samsung’s headquarters, a new report from Whowired Korea suggests that Samsung might actually unveil the next Galaxy Note series and anticipated to be the Galaxy Note 5 earlier than expected. As the reason for the matter is still unknown, but some experts believed that such move from Samsung to push through the early unveiling might have something to do with Apple’s successful entry into the phablet market when it released the iPhone 6 Plus late last year which did ate some of the market share that the Galaxy Note devices dominates.

From the report that came in recently, Samsung had already finalized the specifications for the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 and that it already showcased them to telecom partners worldwide. The report also suggested that Samsung will have a prototype unit ready by the mid of June and pre-orders would kick off before the launch towards the end of July. Though it’s hard to tell whether this information is true but given how the Galaxy Note series have been in the market lately. There could be a mix of fact and fiction regarding the matter and it’s really up for Samsung as to when they feel the need to reclaim on what’s lost in the past months.

Though it’s all scant of data that is available at the moment, the alleged Galaxy Note 5 is said to feature either a 2K or 4K display along with a homegrown Exynos 7 chipset on-board with a modem built-in.