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Rumored: OnePlus Two retains 5.5 inch display size but now in QHD

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jan 17, 2015 )    |    Mobile


Since last year, we’ve already heard numerous rumors regarding the OnePlus One successor as the “Two” which is one of the most anticipated flagship device for 2015. Lately we have gained a bit of information about the upcoming OnePlus flagship which sides to a much more improved than the last year’s offering.

With the upcoming OnePlus Two, the Chinese mobile device maker will be updating most of what was there with One” which up the specs a notch. Recently rumors suggests that the OnePlus Two will have its display improved, keeping the last year’s 5.5-inch display size but will now be a QHD resolution panel, a far more improvement from the One’s fHD display.

Other things that we’ll see for the upcoming flagship is the new 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC wth 4 GB of system RAM. Though, these rumors are still unconfirmed, it’s likely that OnePlus will proceed with these rumored specs for the “Two” to keep its pace and be one of the best flagship device in the market.

The OnePlus Two is expected to raised up its pricing as they have already established the name and that means that the Two  could go up to $435.00 for the new flagship but still more affordable enough from flagships of other well established brands. With a higher price tag, the OnePlus Two however will have a 3300 mAh battery and is also expected to run the company’s customized Android 5.0 Operating System.