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New batches of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 quietly fixed the stuck S Pen issue

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jan 20, 2016 )    |    Mobile


When the Galaxy Note 5 went on sale last year, it was one of the best-selling device that Samsung launched in 2015. However, despite the advance technologies that are embedded into the device and how meticulous is Samsung on providing the best quality hardware on its flagship device, there’s still one design failure that plague the Note 5 users.

The Galaxy Note 5 comes with an S Pen and in normal use, users would have to pull and reinsert the S Pen back into the slot of the device. Unfortunately quite a few users were found to unintentionally (or most of them) returned the S Pen backwards into the slot which potentially damaged the S Pen detection mechanism on the device when users tried to forcefully remove the S Pen back. This prompted Samsung to send out special tools to its service centers to safety remove the S Pen. Some users who’s caught up with the problem decided to alleviate the situation themselves resulting into a broken phone. Lucky for others who has the time to go to Samsung service center to have their stuck S Pen removed.

With this problem rising by the day. Samsung at first put the blame on users and instruct them to read the manuals carefully before using the device. Now months later, Samsung will resolved the problem complete at least for the new batches of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a safety mechanism which is shown in the image below.


This new board that shipped with the new units of the Galaxy Note 5 comes with a safety lever shown on the left compared with the old design on the right. The new failsafe mechanism will allow users to extract their S Pen from the device in the event of inserting the S Pen backwards. This new development from Samsung was pushed though without notice but we’re all glad to hear that the company is doing what is necessary for users and it’s their kind of way to admit the flaws of the earlier design.

As the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ships, new users won’t have to worry about the problem unlike those who bought the earlier units, If you already have the Galaxy Note 5 in your pocket then we think that the best way to enjoy your handset without the hitch is read and understand the user manual carefully and please either you have the new or the older units of the Galaxy Note 5, don’t be stupid by inserting your S Pen backwards, that’s not how you treat your beautiful device.

Image CreditCNet