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Microsoft launches the new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM feature phone for just US$20

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jun 07, 2015 )    |    Mobile


In a world already filled with smartphone devices, who would’ve thought that feature phones still has a market of its own, well, Nokia or Microsoft for that matter perhaps still has it. Despite people often putting their hands on a smartphone device, there are those would only want a simple and basic handset that’s enough to make calls and send text messages, with that Microsoft offers the new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM. Without the complexities of getting hooked-up on the internet, the Nokia 105 simple uses the technology that connected everyone in the past with a simple and most valuable feature on any phone that is the ability to connect people using voice calls plus a feature that also helped us converse through text’s with the networks Short Messaging Service or simply known as SMS.

Traditionally, feature phones have limited number of space for your contacts, now the Nokia 105 allows us to store up to 2,000 of contacts including other contact details other than their phone numbers. Microsoft made it sure that you can save as many contacts that you want so you could easily stay in touch with them and make new connections.

The handset comes in both Single and Dual SIM variants with the Dual SIM variant having both SIM’s active and on standby so you’ll never miss a text or calls. It also features high-quality audio output with both enhanced audio and voice clarity features and allows users of up to 15 hours of voice calls in a single charge so you’ll always have the time to make contacts with your friends and family. With that, the Nokia 105 also has a 35 days of standby time to make sure that even after a month of being stored and kept, it still has the some power left to connect with your contacts before it needs a recharge.

Nokia devices are always equipped with entertainment packages in mind and to keep you entertained, the Nokia 105 got 2 built-in games for you with Snake Xenzia and Bubble Bash 2 as well as an FM Radio for your listening pleasure. Let’s not also forget that most Nokia feature phones nowadays comes with a torchlight which is also included with the new Nokia 105 for your convenience.

Nokia 105 Technical Specifications

1.45-inch LCD transmissive display | 16-bit HighColor

Dual-Band 900/1800 MHz (SS and DS), 850/1900 MHz (SS)

Single SIM / Dual SIM | Mini SIM

3.5 mm audio connector

microUSB (charging)

800 mAh Battery| up to 15 hours talktime | up to 35 days standby time

108.5 x 45.5 x 14.1mm

69.8 grams

Cyan, black, white


The Nokia 105 will be available in selected key markets sometime this month for both the Single SIM and Dual SIM variants starting at US$20 or for just under 1,000 Php before duties and taxes.