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Microsoft announced an LTE-enabled Surface Pro, shipping to businesses this December

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Nov 01, 2017 )    |    Computing

PC market share may have been low in the consumer market but the business sector is all alive and well. Businessmen are no longer stranded in the confines of their offices and in today’s mobile world, it’s wiser of businesses doing things on a go, that’s why Microsoft not only continues innovations in its Windows operating system but also on the hardware that runs them.

At Microsoft Future Decoded in London, Microsoft is at all of its capabilities are turning businesses to completely wireless with the announcement of the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced. Light the name suggests and mind that, this is the actual name of the new variant where an LTE modem comes built-in into the hybrid tablet.

The new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced comes equipped with a Qualcomm X16 mobile data modem which supports up to 20 LTE global bands and is on LTE Cat.9. This modem supports download speeds of up to 450Mbps which Microsoft claims for the new Surface Pro as one of the fastest LTE-enabled device in its class.

The new device will be available for businesses by December and its consumer launched is expected for next year. With the added LTE modem, expect to pay a rather premium price on the feature for $150 compared to its non-LTE variant. The LTE enabled tablet/laptop will be only be available for the Core i5 models only and in two configuration which also means that these are priced according to their specs.

Prices for the new device starts at $1,149 that includes a 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage and for $1,449, it raises the bar with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage.