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LG to unveil a round smartwatch next week on IFA 2014

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Aug 25, 2014 )    |    Gadgets


There’s no doubt that Motorola’s upcoming Moto360 is by far the best looking smartwatch to date. It’s circular form gave the feeling of premium and elegance, not to mention on how simple it is for the smartwatch to blend into the classic and traditional watches. So for that highly popular and highly praised smartwatch design, LG is in for the next smartwatch design that will directly compete with Moto360. LG’s upcoming update to its existing G Watch wearable will be called the G Watch R.

The new G Watch R will follow the same circular design as that of a classic wristwatch and the highly popular Moto360. It will also be powered by Google’s new Android Wear platform and will go along with the existing square profile G Watch. If we follow closely in the development of LG devices, The company may have work on the round variant along with the first G Watch which is evident on how little was the time span for research and development which would take for about several months and ever a year or so between releases. This may be one of LG’s strategies, as Motorola has been known to come out with a unique design and by observing the consumers feedback, LG has built its information base and have set a perfect timing to come out with what seem to be a formally enbraced design by many where the company may need not to educate and showcase the design to people since it has already been shown but other manufacturer pioneering them.

LG is anticipated to announce the G Watch R in Berlin for the IFA 2014 shortly after Motorola to officially proclaim their new wearable. Aside from LG, we are also anticipating a number of new smartwatches from other manufacturers as well, a few of them would be coming from ASUS and HTC and even Apple is also anticipated to announce the Apple iWatch in its special press event by September in which we determine them if it would be a game changer in the world of wearable devices or it might just be another smartwatch from a known manufacturer.