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HMD Global to roll out Android 8.1 Oreo to the Nokia 2 as an option

cjmagowan  —  1 week ago ( Feb 11, 2019 )    |    News

Devices with stock Android software is supposed to be easy to update to the next version of the OS but changes in Android Oreo made Nokia to delay its software update to their Nokia 2 device.

Nokia 2 shipped with Android 7.1.1 when it came out. Since Android Oreo, devices with 1GB of RAM like the Nokia 2 are under Android Oreo’s arm the new Android Go which unfortunately for devices with regular Android made switching over to Android Go not possible.

Just recently, HMD Global finally ended Nokia 2 Android Oreo program on Beta users which moves to the next phase of software deployment to its regular users. The update will be a regular version of Android being 8.1 Oreo since there’s no way that Nokia can port Android Go version of the OS to the Nokia 2.

While the update is up, HMD Global made it available as an option for users as Oreo demands more resources than what the Nokia 2 has. Users are free to update their Nokia 2 devices to Android 8.1 but that’s not without any drawback. Updating to Oreo will made the Nokia 2 less snappy than they are with Android Nougat, so it’s for the users to decide which for them is important.