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Flash sale for the Nokia X6 ends in a flash, device sold out in seconds

cjmagowan  —  9 months ago ( May 26, 2018 )    |    News

Who would have thought that notch is something cheeky for Android. Nokia who adopted the dreaded new feature (if you call it that way) is loved by many that the first notch-equipped Nokia device the Nokia X6 was sold out in just second on its first flash sale in China with over 700,000 reservations.

Another flash sale happened yesterday and like the first flash sale, this too ends almost the same way. The notch or the design may have played a huge role with these sales but most probably, it’s the brand being in with the latest trend is one of the biggest impact and let’s not forget that HMD Global has already been making a huge and aggressive marketing for its devices this year and this is expected to go on with rumors that the company is set to unveil an even more compelling devices as we move towards the end of the year.

HMD Global is also thinking of bringing the Nokia X6 to other markets, given how popular it is in China and the rest of the world.