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Apple investigates two swollen battery incidents on the new iPhone 8

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Oct 01, 2017 )    |    News

Just as you are about to get your iPhone 8, then someone got theirs to act like this. It looks like the iPhone 8 got a swelling battery problem, that’s what this image have shown and supporting that claim is from two occasions in two different countries, one was in Taiwan and the other in Japan.

According to one incident, the iPhone 8 was being charge when it happened using its official charging cable and power adapter, while the second account was after they’ve received the unit straight from an Apple retail store. Given the quality control that Apple has taken in the production of these devices, it’s quite surprising that this has slipped from Apple’s watch. Though this incident is said to have already been investigated by Apple, what really is alarming is when this isn’t just limited to a number of units but to the already out in the market units as well.

Customers are well aware about the battery debacle that failed the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung last year and users are worried that it might result in the same manner for the Apple iPhone 8 if not entirely. Though this could be an isolated case of some sort, the worries are there and if you opt to get your brand new units from resellers, it might be wise to ask them for a full warranty coverage just in case when something goes wrong with it.

The latest iPhone 8 is Apple’s greatest iPhone device as of the moment and it’s one of the most powerful and highly advanced smartphone in the market. That also means that it’s got a hefty price tag on its sleeve and with a premium price, users should expect premium support for their handsets.