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A 6GB RAM with 128GB storage Galaxy Note7 might just be around the corner

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Aug 06, 2016 )    |    News

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 was already announced earlier a few days ago but despite rumors in the past, the newly announced handset only comes with 4GB RAM which disappointed many followers as we geared up to see the handset to be officially announced at the time.

Slowly enthusiasts despite the disappointment of knowing that those rumors weren’t real, we now come to accept that the Galaxy Note7 is coming with only 4GB of RAM. But, if we’re going to open our eyes once again, we might be able to see that dream becoming a reality if we are going to believe the most recent update from China’s TENAA listing about an announced variant of the Galaxy Note7.


From the listing itself, Samsung’s might as well release another variant of the Galaxy Note7 which will house 6GB of RAM and doubled storage space of 128GB. For now, we have aflagship device with only 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage which Samsung tells us to believe just that, but our skeptical minds tells us otherwise andit things would follow as what we can see about, a 6GB RAM equipped Galaxy Note7 might just be around the corner.

The question now is When will Samsung release the handset and in what region on the planet… It’s seems like we’re all be forced to take the first bite of the cake and later on well be informed that another one is coming on our way that looks just like it but much tastier.