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Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 devices announced this week is a leap forward into the right direction

It's a new era of Windows 10 Devices
cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Oct 10, 2015 )    |    Mobile

At the #Windows10Devices event held in New York last Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled the hottest devices the company has ever produced. From the XBox One highly anticipated update and games lineup, the future Holographic systems with HoloLens to the latest and edge topping devices in the Lumia devices family and “The most powerful laptop on the planet” with the new Microsoft Surface Book as expressed by Panos Panay the corporate vice president of Surface computing at Microsoft Corporation.

#Windows10Devices are a revolution from what the company has long produce over the years and with breakthroughs in its research and development, the Redmond giant who was seen as catching up with the trend is now the trend setter in both designs and a choice of hardware to build a device.

Below are the device that has been announced this week in New York City:

Microsoft Band 2:


Microsoft’s update to its technology packed fitness tracker with a new design and features to make your life even more productive, better health and fitness monitoring .

Lumia 950 + Lumia 950 XL :


A proper and highly important flagship for the Windows phone ecosystem. It comes with the new Windows 10 software release with Windows Hello biometric system and Windows Continuum that turns the handset into a a functional mobile computer. The new flagship also comes with Lumia’s PureView camera technologies with all the latest high-spec’d hardware for such flagship device.

Lumia 550:


With all the top of the line devices announced at the event, Microsoft can’t turn away from the market where it has been highly successful and that’s the mid-range market with the new Lumia 550. With mid-range specs, the Lumia 550 can keep up with the latest hype thanks to the latest Windows 10 operating system the Lumia 550 performs seamlessly and perfectly with out lagging.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4:


Want a tablet that isn’t just a tablet but a fully functional PC as well? Look no further as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has all the bars for your needs. It comes with the latest generation Intel Core chipset and ample amount of RAM to get everything done without any compromises. It also comes with all the must wanted accessories to maximize your productivity and creativity.

Microsoft Surface Book:


The Microsoft Surface Book was a completely surprising announcement during the event last Tuesday with no one had a clue that Microsoft was working on such device. The Surface Book is a part Laptop and part Tablet with a proprietary mechanism to separate the tablet from the keyboard. Like the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book also comes with the latest technologies that Microsoft can throw at on a hybrid device but instead of halting from there, Microsoft pushed the possibilities even further and brought something that will change our views and understanding about hybrid PC/tablet device.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has pushed the boundaries that mobile and computing devices can perform making them more functional, productive and personal. Together with partners, Microsoft has slowly remake their luster and has now become a real competitor and even has become the standards in building the next generation devices.