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Microsoft brings out a new and updated Microsoft Band

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Oct 07, 2015 )    |    Gadgets, Health


As rumored earlier, Microsoft unveils an update to its fitness tracker band with the new Microsoft Band at the Windows10Devices event in New York. It still has all the best features of its predecessor plus new features that keeps tracking of your health and your fitness training more personal and informative.

Microsoft designed the Band to fit not only to your wrist but also to your needs. It’s got soft edges with no bumps and the screen is explicitly curved to sit seamlessly to your wrist. Despite being a fitness band, the new Microsoft Band also has features for productivity, communication and health monitor. With its vast number of sensor taken from the first Band that came out almost a year ago, the new Microsoft band is fitted with a built-in GPS, UV monitoring, Sleep tracking, Calorie tracking, Guided Workouts and Smart Notifications. Windows personal digital assistant Cortana is also coming with the new Microsoft Band which helps you get things done, gives you reminders and even re-schedules your missed events.

Besides all the included sensor in the new Microsoft Band, Microsoft still gives way to another sensor, a Barometer to be specific which measures elevation. It measure elevation path in real-time and is useful for daily routines from hiking, biking, or just by climbing stairs. The Barometric sensor has been requested by users since the Band went out last year and we’re glad to see it finally coming to the new Band.


The new Microsoft Band has a retail price off $249 with pre-orders starting today. The fitness tracker will then become available on October 30. If you want to get fit and live a healthy life, let yourself informed about your health and fitness progress, let the new Microsoft Band guide you.