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ZTE launch a less than 5k Rs handset in India with LTE connectivity

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jun 13, 2015 )    |    Mobile, News


Looking for phones even on a tight budget isn’t as hard as it was in the past, and in fact, the mobile phone market is fully saturated with affordable smartphone devices that’s going to fit with what every you may have in your pocket. The real question here isn’t about the price that you’re gonna pay, but what features you might get with the budget that you have.

Most cheap smartphones today almost features about the same as with the others but some would excel in some areas while others would come with unbelievable features that looks to fit in a more higher-end that the one’s we usually see in stores. If you’d just windows shop and check out shops and devices before you buy them chances are you’re probably gonna get something that’s fairly enough for you. With that though in mind, ZTE just introduced the new Blade Qlux – a highly affordable device with features commonly found on mid-end handsets plus it includes LTE connectivity to make sure that you’ll get the best wireless connectivity to date without hurting your budget.

Launched lately in India, the ZTE Blade Qlux is a handset with a pretty basic setup of an entry-level specs with one exemption to its connectivity feature. The handset supports 4G/LTE wireless connectivity for a price of Rs 4,999 or roughly equivalent to 3,500+ in Philippine peso. Not only that, the handset all features an high-resolution camera on the back as well a decent 5 Megapixel camera on the front which isn’t a common feature for most of the entry-level devices as of the moment.

ZTE Blade Qlux Technical Specifications

4.5-inch FWVGA Display

1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6732M Processor | 64-bitC


8 Megapixel main camera | Single LED flash

5 Megapixel front camera


Dual SIM




USB 2.0 | microUSB

2200 mAh Battery

Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Despite having a pretty low resolution display, ZTE still excels in other areas of the handset and equips the Blade Qlux with features that you’re gonna ignore the unimpressive display the handset is having. Overall it surely is a bang for the buck piece of equipment with promising cameras and faster wireless connectivity, it’s pretty well inclined with social media-centric customers.

While the handset is currently only available in India, here in the Philippines we hope that ZTE would also introduce the handset in our local shores or perhaps somewhat of the same specs for the Philippine market.