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Xiaomi MIUI 6 brings new simple Visuals and a handful of new Features

Available for Mi 3 and the recently announced Mi 4
cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Aug 18, 2014 )    |    Mobile, Technology


As Xiaomi enters its 4th year in the mobile industry, the Chinese tech firm has released the sixth iteration of its Android custom ROM exclusively for its Mi device the MIUI version 6. MIUI 6 now offers a simple, intuitive and flat user interface design which Xiaomi calls it “Simply Stunning, Stunningly Simple” by dropping the decade old skeumorphic design and embraces the new flat and minimalistic look of today’s user interface design concepts.

Instead of providing a pure to the heart Android visual and styles, Xiaomi has gone off the stream and instead went on with another visual design. We don’t know if you’d agree but the MIUI version 6 is closely similar to the iOS design language in terms of visual presentation, effects and even the icon design is closely familiar to the iOS rather than its underlying Android system. But even at this rate of user customization, the MIUI 6 is built entirely on top of Android and not just Android but the latest version of the OS itself.

We’ve made note that MIUI 6 has its close resemblance to the modern iOS UI, and indeed that’s what the company has been working on for the new UI, and as much as possible that it would work the same as its source of inspiration. Apple has adopted the new flat UI design with the introduction of iOS 7 and as it prepares to release their next version of iPhone with is believed to come out with the new and updated iOS 8. Even when Google has adopted the new design concept with their own Material design language, Xiaomi haven’t look anywhere else to make their own devices unique. Xiaomi isn’t shy to admit that they have taken their inspiration from Apple and the company has already started fueling its presence as to make their devices more appealing to users by providing stunning User Interfaces while providing full compatibility and usability of Android OS.

With MIUI 6, Xiaomi does not only introduced an overhauled interface, it has also added a few more extras underneath, from how it transition from one window to another, MIUI v6 also feature a number of new options, abilities and gestures which made up the overall user experience of the UI itself.  The Notification Center, Search and Quick toggles for example has been given the needed update, these features can be launched anywhere on the OS and even on third-party apps with a simple gesture command.

MIUI 6 also brings a new Power Saving mode of its own with the ability to schedule different modes at a given time. Xiaomi’s own native browser has also undergone some changes to the way users uses the app. The Mi Browser now has the ability to sync with the Mi Cloud so users can seamlessly switch browsing on any Xiaomi devices.

The MIUI 6 will be primarily available on Xiaomi’s Mi 3 and the recently announced Mi 4 flagship devices when it starts rolling out. Though it would be more engaging if Xiaomi will also provide the same UI updates across its Android devices but there seem to be no such information regarding its port on non-flagship handsets at the moment.