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Xiaomi and Nokia signs partnership, signalling a bright future for both companies

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jul 06, 2017 )    |    News

In a not so surprising move, one of the most notable brands in the smartphone market is signing a partnership deal, these two prominent brands are Nokia and Xiaomi, the two top-leading phone brands here in Asia. While it’s out of our simplified context, the inked deal has something to do with patents and licenses on technologies between the two companies.

That being said, Nokia will render its patents to Xiaomi in which the latter will do the same with the former that allows the two companies to share and implement technologies on their devices. Nokia is already rumored to use Xiaomi’s Surge chipset on their upcoming flagship and high-end device and this announced collaboration will only contribute to the possibilities for it to push through.

As part of the deal, Xiaomi and Nokia will use each other’s licenses in Cellular technologies and share patents in the process. Nokia will also provide key cellular technologies to Xiaomi that will further improve the capacity of low-power performance on Xiaomi smartphone devices and jointly develop network equipments and infrastructures.

Furthermore, the collaboration of these two giants will converge their knowledge altogether to provide better devices and Nokia’s extensive portfolio of technologies and Xiaomi’s expertise in Internet of Things. This partnership will also open doors for the possibilities for the two companies to work on other emerging technologies specifically with Virtual and Augmented Reality and might even go further with Artificial Intelligence which has become the next big thing with machines.