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Windows version of iTunes to become available from the Windows Store later this year

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 12, 2017 )    |    Computing, News

Microsoft’s current Build Developers Conference event is full of surprises and given that the upcoming Windows 10 S variant could only run apps coming from Windows Store, Microsoft formally announced that Apple iTunes is coming to the Windows Store.

Users that have Apple products at home and has Windows 10 machines instead of a Mac should be delighted about the announcement. So far, the Apple iTunes app is a downloadable standalone software that one could install on their Windows machine but as Windows 10 S comes in, we all know that Microsoft is restricting the OS from accessing the outside world to keep itself secure and having apps ready from the Windows Store means that even Windows 10 S users can then enjoy the same iTunes app that we have today.

The new iTunes app is expected to become available from the Windows Store by the end of the year, somewhere after Windows 10 S is expected to gain traction. We are also curious about other apps that we still haven’t seen from the Windows Store, though it might be too much to ask, it might as well be more practical to finally adopt Microsoft’s intention of good well not only to provide more convenience to Windows users but to keep them safe as well.