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Windows 10 will seamlessly run native x86 apps on ARM

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 13, 2017 )    |    Computing

Microsoft already announced lately that its Windows 10 Operating System to grace on ARM-based devices. The Redmond giant partners with Qualcomm for its first Windows 10 on ARM device and will be running the latest Snapdragon 835 that will hit store shelves later this year. Added to that, Microsoft confirms that Windows 10 and all of its Win32 native apps will run seamlessly on ARM.

Unlike previous version of Windows that attempted to enter the ARM ecosystem, the upcoming Windows 10 on ARM will be the first of its kind to run native x86 Win32 apps on the ARM platform. This a huge improvements that Microsoft baked into the ARM version of Windows 10 and it means so much both for users and developers in terms of portability, integration and usability.

Windows 10 ARM works using a built-in emulator that translates x86 instructions into ARM64 in realtime to emulate the same user experience as if one is running a standard x86 machine while on ARM. All translated instructions are also cache so Win32 apps could get a performance boost over time.

These new improvements and support on Windows 10 means that users are not totally confined within the boundaries on Windows Store unlike its previous implementation in Windows RT. This also means that users can flawlessly install Win32 apps on their ARM machine without worrying about compatibility. It also means convenience for developers as they don’t have to do the hassles of porting their apps to a different platform as Windows 10 will do it for them.