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Windows 10 TP ROM for Xiaomi Mi4 becomes widely available on June 1st

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( May 31, 2015 )    |    News, Technology


In an effort to bring Windows 10 to more devices, Microsoft partnered with Xiaomi to run Windows 10 Mobile to devices originally designed for Android operating system. Though Xiaomi isn’t participating to the project directly and not even endorsing such developments, still the device manufacturer opens the doors to make their device more diverse and provide more options by allowing users to install custom ROM’s of Android and even other platform such as the current Windows 10 Mobile technical previews.

The project was announced last march at WinHEC in ShenZen and was available in a limited number of users equipped with Xiaomi Mi4 devices. As time progresses it looks like the development has leaped further that Microsoft is bringing the Windows 10 Mobile compatible ROM for the Xiaomi Mi4 to more users beginning on June 1st. Not only that, Microsoft also moves to make Windows 10 a universal operating system across hundreds and thousands of devices, might it be a desktop, laptop, a slate or tablet and phones.

Installing Windows 10 Mobile on a device designed to run the Android platform with Xiaomi Mi4 was just the first step, Microsoft is also planning to bring a similar ROM to the upcoming ZTE Nubia Z9 and might as well to other smartphone devices.

The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is currently in development with the desktop version being scheduled for release later this year while the mobile counterpart of the operating system would come out more later as recent developments and information revealed.

For the Xiaomi Mi4 users who might want to test and get the first Windows 10 Mobile experience on their existing mobile device may sign-up here.