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Window 10 Mobile Build 10549 now rolling out to Insiders in the Fast ring

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Oct 17, 2015 )    |    News, Technology

Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 10 Mobile build 10549 and is now seeding the update to Windows insiders in the Fast ring. The new build comes mainly with bug fixes and vast improvements from the previous build.

While the upgrade makes numerous improvements, however there’s a catch, the upgrade path is only available to Insiders with Windows 8.1 installed, users with previous Windows 10 mobile builds can return to Windows 8.1 then get into the Windows Insider process again. The problem was detected by Microsoft on the last-minute and is said to resolved the issue on the next build.

If you’re with Windows 10 Mobile already and does not want the hassles of rolling back to Windows 8.1, You can also wait for Microsoft to release another build with the issue resolved which should be coming out later.

Here are the new improvements on this build:

Updated Cortana – now with added support for Japan Insiders as well as English users in Canada and Australia.

Message App Improvement – The text field can now be expanded as you type with integrated Skype capabilities.

Diversified Emoji’s – Emoji’s have become the top user requested feature for mood and emotional status of users who loves to have a more engaging conversation within the social network while maintaining a consistent reflection of Unicode’s diversity emoji’s.



Update to Lumia 1020 users – I myself is a user of Lumia 1020 and the preview version of Windows 10 mobile have given me a less than capable stock camera app which doesn’t take the whole potential of the Lumia 1020 camera. Thankfully with Build 10549, Microsoft will no longer remove the Lumia Camera app and let me use the high quality features of the Lumia Camera that isn’t found on any version and camera app available on the Store.

Bug Fixes:

Camera app no longer crashes when third party app tries to launch app to take a picture

Fixed a keyboard issue where the keyboard would dismissed after sending a message

No more notification icon on top of the screen after swiping any available notifications off from the Action Center

Fixed the problem with major Social networking apps where Screenshots aren’t saved

Fixed call blocking

Re-instate vibrate-only alarms

Fixed Pinch to zoom in Maps

Fixed custom ringtone

Fixed an issue where launching an app saved from the SD card doesn’t load up after reinserting the SD card

Known Issues:

No notifications from apps on the lockscreen when you first turn the phone on until the first time you unlock the device and then it should be fine afterwards. Microsoft already had this issue fixed and is slated to be included on the next build.

Some apps might go missing after the upgrade and the only workaround at the moment is to reset the phone.

Skype for business, WhatsApp and other similar apps are unable to make calls, to resolve the problem, you need to remove and reinstall the app back on your phone.

As for personal input, I found the Lumia 1020 with Windows 10 Mobile 10549 showing a screen after booting, which isn’t the case in the previous build where the phone would then show the Start screen after starting the device. I opted on rolling back to Windows 8.1 to install Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549 and indeed the Lumia Camera is still on my phone and I can enjoy again the benefits of the Lumia Camera app for the Lumia 1020’s massive camera sensor. But With the improvements on the stock Camera app, you don’t just Microsoft integrate everything from the Lumia Camera app to the new stock Camera app on Windows 10 Mobile? If that would happen, many users like me would be happy to have that, but first let’s make that suggestion to Windows Feedback which is what I’m going to do after this post.

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