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While on the road and there’s the traffic, entertain yourself with Batman v Superman game on your phone

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 28, 2017 )    |    Entertainment, News

When Batman v Superman hit the theatres back in 2016 it was like a dream come true for the fans of both franchise which had longed to see the world’s most popular superheroes to come together in a single movie. Though interconnecting storylines from a number of superhero movies had been done prior, the team up between these two legendary heroes are very well thought off and exceptional.

Together with the movie release, dozens of merchandises are popping up in store shelves, from posters, cups, t-shirts and of course numerous action figures. While this remains in our physical world, our digital world also has something to share on its own and this are commonly movie clips and video games.

Video games are widely spread, they are be found virtually anywhere, but if you want something straight out of your fingertips, the internet is your friend, just by typing Batman or Superman together with the keyword games, you’ll end up with hundreds to choose from.

There are games that are plainly fun to play designed for kids and teens, and there are those that are designed for the more matured players such as the DC online slots, featuring both Batman and Superman. The choice doesn’t just end there, Mobile devices are the most popular today and developers are working to bring their contents on this platform as well.

The game entitled “Batman v Superman who will win” is Warner Bros official mobile game released for the movie and was up for download since March of 2016 on both iOS and Android the two most popular mobile platforms in the mobile market to date.

With darkness falls on Gotham and Metropolis, mankind faces a new threat that they never had imagined, one is injured and one is in pain, a personal vendetta has been made. Take sides between Batman and Superman to end the madness ones and for all. Race against time, dodge obstacles, collect power-up and face your opponent.

The game is a runner/action and adventure which one can relate to Temple Run for instance of Sonic the Hedgehog with simple gesture controls to make your way through the world. The game is basically an endless runner, what you need here is the highest score you could possible do which you could then share online and compare it with other players.

If you’re up for something of a standalone titles, there are specific games for Batman and Superman which highlights the bests of their abilities or perhaps battle with DC characters with INJUSTICE: Gods among us where you will build your own personal roster of your favorite super heroes and villains and get into the arena for battle.