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What Causes your Device to Slow Down

onetechavenue  —  9 months ago ( Apr 24, 2018 )    |    Computing, Gadgets

There is all sort of things that you hear from many Android users who say that their phone is getting older and it’s becoming slower.

So is this really the case?

I’m going to talk about why your Android phone becomes slow or appears to become slow over time.

let’s get started…

Why you Device is Slow

The very first thing that I want to talk about is all the apps that you install on your phone. When your phone is new it just comes with a lot of apps that are already pre-installed. Over time you install new apps and those apps receive updates.

The developers who actually work behind the scenes know that more powerful devices such as the Galaxy S9 are coming into the market and these devices contain a lot of RAM.

Developers will actually make their apps much more fluid and they don’t care about how much RAM it’s going to use because they know that new devices will have a lot of RAM. This is an issue if you have a device with a smaller capacity of RAM, this will just be consumed in a matter of weeks.

The best example that can relate to this is Facebook and Chrome. These apps for the past one year have received some hefty updates. The amount of memory they consume has increased significantly and from what I personally believe, Chrome and Facebook are the two main reasons for high memory usage on Android devices.

In certain scenarios, you can actually update the apps that you really want and uninstall the ones you don’t need. Look for alternatives for heavy apps such as Facebook. You can install Facebook Lite and you can install Epics browser as an alternative to Chrome.

Installing too Many apps

The second major culprit is the number of apps that you install on your phone. So what happens is that you want to try out one app and you install it, then after two days you never open it and it just eats up your memory, makes files that are not necessary for internal storage, and this can be done just by one app.

If you use your phone for six months or let’s say more than six months, there must be a couple of apps that you don’t usually use but they’ll still be there. You should actually go and hunt for those apps that you no longer use and uninstall them right now. You’ll then see the difference in the speed of your device and you’ll have increased your internal storage.


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