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Vsenn to deliver a modular device to compete against Google’s Project Ara

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Nov 08, 2014 )    |    Featured, Mobile, Technology


Modular phone has been one of the most anticipated development in the mobile market. Google has been into its Project Ara for sometime now and it has been expected to bring a new way of personal customization of mobile devices. Aside from Google, A recent startup company Vsenn is also entering the scene as a competitor for the segment.

Vsenn is co-founded by former Nokia Android X program manager or as the landing site claims to be. But at closer look it seems to be legit at this point. The company promises an evolutionary product that takes a modular approached to create a perfectly suited smartphone device to every user. With this new process of providing products and services, the company will enable users to customize how they wanted their devices would feature with readily exchangeable parts with the highest quality hardware that Vsenn can offer. Unlike Google’s Project Ara, Vsenn is currently limited on three upgradable or interchangeable modules which includes the Camera, Battery and Processor/RAM. But aside from the main points, Vsenn also provide users with exchangeable back covers to further personalize your own device. The latter feature looks like it is taken from what we have enjoyed during the early days of Nokia mobile phone device where we could personalized our phones with covers and keymats to make our style back then.

Together with the every changing world of Mobile technology, the company ensures Vsenn modular devices to receive an up to date software updates of up to 4 years at most to provide a continuous smooth and perfectly optimized device to maximize system performance.

With Vsenn, Security is essential and is the company’s highest priority, with that, Vsenn is providing a triple layer of encryption across devices with an exclusive free access to VPN network and secure Cloud.


The landing page doesn’t say much as of the moment or how the hardware would look like or even the pricing would be, but looking at the company’s official twitter account, they’ve posted a few information about the device which currently describes its display and how the dimensions would be for the actual unit.

This radical approach will provide customers with more freedom of customizing their own device while ensuring sustainability and security. Until then, Vsenn has kept itself in secrecy and is thought to surprise the crowd when the company would finally launch the device soon.