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vivo showcases the first in display fingerprint sensor

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jun 28, 2017 )    |    Computing, Featured, Gadgets, Mobile, Technology

MWC Shanghai in China today starts with new devices as well as new technologies available for future mobile devices.

Manufacturers are racing to bring the in display fingerprint sensor to customer with none of which are able to bring a working prototype of the technology until Vivo, the Chinese smartphone maker is the first phone manufacturer to demonstrate a display embedded fingerprint reader called the Under-Display Fingerprint solution on its existing Xplay6 handset.

vivo uses existing Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology to achieve such feature which might just become the go to tech for next generation smartphone fingerprint readers. Since it uses ultrasonic sound waves to reader fingerprints, the technology can be applied on both glass and material surfaces but unlike before, the new improvements on this technology allows vivo to embed the sensor to up to 1.3mm thick OLED display from which this sensor can go through up to 800um thickness of glass and 525um in aluminum. Previous generations can only penetrate up to 400um of glass.

Vivo solution is definitely a glimpse of the future on mobile biometrics but it needs to be perfect before it lands on consumers hands. People at MWC Shanghai floors tried out the demo unit and reported that while it’s already feasible, it still lags behind with current fingerprint scanner implementations from bringing users from the lockscreen to the home screen, though this might be the cause of different factors and not the sensors itself, however there are a lot of work needed to be done to make it intuitive.

So, the technology is there and we see that it’s working, however, vivo haven’t got the exact time frame as to when the company implements this technology on their handsets. Like all other would promise, vivo does have plans to incorporate this feature to their future handset but time would tell when.