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cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Oct 09, 2016 )    |    Featured, Guides


A collapsible bike is no different from a conventional bicycle. The only difference between the two is the folding mechanism that provides you the ease of transport and storage. These folding bikes offer an ideal solution for environmental crisis and at the same time its fun to ride these bikes. There is a wide range of folding bikes available in the market these days with different features. With such an extensive range of foldable bikes to choose from, it’s actually a challenge for the layman to choose the right one.

There is no one type of foldable bike that suits everyone. However, it is possible to narrow your selection choice by considering your needs and requirements. The type of riding you do is the most important aspect to consider. Do you use your bike for leisure trips round the corner, or do you use it for your daily commute to the office or do you use it for mountain trips? Bikes for regular commute need to be comfortable and lightweight, yet they need to hold up against daily travel. The best folding bike can be recognized through its features such as easy portability, better folding speed, compact size and obviously, the cost of purchase and maintenance.

What To Look For When Buying A New Folding Bike

  • Wheel Size – Folding bikes are usually available in 26, 24, 22, 20, 16 and 14 wheel sizes in diameters. Sizes like 14 and 16 are among the smallest wheel sizes, designed particularly for leisure rides. Bigger wheels like 24 and 26, on the other hand, are perfectly fitted to mountain bikes as they offer the maximum level of stability.
  • Seat Adjustment Seat adjustment is a very important consideration. Ease of ride and comfort depends on the sitting down postures. Pick a bike that offers you several adjusting options to suit your individual preference. A properly installed bike can result in significantly less strain on your limbs and will ensure greater enjoyment.
  • Frame Design The frame design should not make the folding mechanism difficult. The idea of including a folding mechanism is to add functionality and ease to the bike. The build material is another important aspect. Aluminum, steel, carbon fiber and titanium are the commonly used build materials for collapsible bikes. Titanium and carbon fiber are lightweight, but on the other hand, it is very expensive. Aluminum and steel are tremendously durable but are heavier.
  • Folding Mechanism – Different brands make use of different folding mechanisms. Few commonly used mechanisms are split fold, triangular hinge and breakaway In the spilled mechanism, the bike has a single hinge which let the bike be folded in half. The triangular hinge mechanism features more hinges and clasps and allows you to fold the bike into a more compact form. But it’s more complex in comparison. The last option enables you to fold the bike by disassembling selected parts.
  • Maintenance Cost Every bicycle requires regular maintenance for optimum performances. The components of your bike should be easily available in the market. All these vital factors should be incorporated when finally selecting your ideal folding bike.
  • Accessories – After finalizing the type and model of your folding bike, you have to pick your accessories to complement your chosen bike. Always select components that are strong, durable and light in weight. Bearing in mind that the better the accessories the better is the ride and comfort.
  • Bike Case: The most important accessories is the folding bike bag or case. A perfect suitable bike case allows you to carry your bike with ease and comfort.
  • Luggage Basket: A luggage holder or basket is a significant accessory for people who want to carry their lunch box, tool box or any other light luggage with them.
  • Safety Lights: Safety is the primary concern and its always good to install a lightweight safety flashing light on your collapsible bicycle so that other vehicles on the road can see you.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder is a must for regular riders as it allows you to carry a water bottle which is highly required to avoid dehydration.

Good Folding bikes are appropriate for both urban as well as marine travelers, and they are truly helpful for people who live in congested areas. This is because of their easy storage features. And if we see it from a health perspective there is also a lot of benefits. Regular physical activity is something that all doctors recommend. Regular riding can be very good for people who workout, as it compensates the cardio session at the gym. Riding a bike daily can really help one’s overall health.

Riding folding bikes also offer a great sense of relaxation. One big advantage of having a folding bike is that you can just grab it and go. It takes the stress out of having to lug around a heavy bike. It is much easier moving a compact easy to carry the bike. Storage is not an issue for a lightweight folding bike. It can simply fit in a small corner. That means you can take it with you whenever you desire to have a weekend getaway. You can have that peaceful, pleasant and pleasurable riding experience anytime and anywhere.