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The Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ is here

New dual Aperture lens, Dual Camera, AR and Stereo speakers
cjmagowan  —  12 months ago ( Feb 27, 2018 )    |    Featured, Mobile, News

After months and months of teasers, the eventual unveiling has finally arrived. Meet the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. Two of the most awaited smartphones in 2018 and one of the most sought out devices on the web. Samsung’s focus on the S9 isn’t about their handset design contrary to previous version of the Galaxy S line. This year focuses mainly on the camera with new ways of capturing photos and videos with DSLR-like quality and output, this is indeed “The Camera. Reimagined”.

True to the slogan that makes the Galaxy S9 standout is the new camera on the back. Samsung managed to include a dual aperture lens to the main sensor which main purpose is to automatically adjust the size of the sensor opening from f/1.5 to f/2.4 depending on lighting conditions. With features such as this in the hardware level, Samsung harness the power to take photos videos with precise adequate lighting and provide the best possible augmentation for images with less noise.

The Galaxy S9 series now comes with an improved Super Speed Dual Pixel camera, it’s one of the most impressive features in a smartphone that all reviews suggests that it’s the best ever. It is said to have surpassed the quality of Google Pixel 2 and even beats the iPhone X camera.

what makes it possible to have the best camera in a smartphone is the embedded DRAM chip right into the camera sensor itself. This feature enables the hardware to process captured images all by itself without sending the data to the device’s main RAM module, the result are images with more and better quality and lesser noise than any smartphone camera’s around. This chip also enables the device to capture super slow-motion videos at 960 fps in 720p, what’s more is that has a motion detection feature that turn on slow-motion video automatically when movements are detected from a specific area on the frame.

There are two versions of the Galaxy S9 similar with the Galaxy S8 from last year. However, while the Galaxy S9 has a single 12 Megapixel dual-aperture main camera sensor, the Galaxy S9+ on the other hand comes out with two, a similar implementation found on the Galaxy Note8. The Galaxy S9+ houses a 12 Megapixel dual-aperture sensor as the main camera plus another 12 Megapixel Telephoto lens with a fixed f/2.4 aperture responsible for its bokeh effect and thanks to Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) that are equipped to all camera sensors on the Galaxy S9 | S9+, blurry photos and shaky videos are a thing of the past.

On the front though, Samsung carried over the same 8 Megapixel sensor from previous iterations of the Galaxy S series but there are improvements thanks the AI and AR core, the Galaxy S9 is now capable to unlock the device through face recognition, this feature though has been with Android for a long time but AI helps to improve its algorithm to correctly detect the user face and make the device more secure.

And then there’s AR emoji’s, basically a straight to the core copy of animoji’s from the iPhone X, this is best for the shy types and Samsung leaps a bit forward by partnering with Disney so users can use Mickey and Minnie Mouse or The Incredibles characters for more character animoji’s but for users that wants more personalization, there’s a personalized emoji’s that takes the shape of the use face and then turn them into a personal emoji.

Like versions that came before it and depending on which region it will be released, the Galaxy S9 | S9+ will be powered by either a Qualcomm or a Samsung chip. In the US mainly, the Galaxy S9 is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 chipset while the rest of the world will get Samsung’s own Exynos 9810. These two chipsets are both 8-core chips based on 10nm process.

The Galaxy S9 will get 4GB of RAM while the Galaxy S9+ boosts 6GB RAM. They share the same amount of storage space though that starts at 64GB and its expandable too with microSD card support of up to 400GB. Other selected markets will even have a 128GB or ever 256GB of storage space which will come out later.

Like the Galaxy S8’s, The new Galaxy S9 is also equipped with 3000 mAh battery while the Galaxy S9+ at 3500 mAh. Both of these devices are capable of fast charging with a compatible charger and wireless charging as well.

The new Galaxy S9 | S9+ runs Android 8.0 operating system with the latest Samsung Experience 9.0 UX on top. Basically, everything that Galaxy S8 has are on the Galaxy S9 and that includes Bixby, Samsung’s personal digital assistant and is actually more intelligent and has been tied up with other Samsung services such as the new Camera software which turns the camera interface into an instant translator.

Security is one of the most important component in Samsung devices, in Addition to Knox that provides utmost Security layer to Samsung devices, It also features a number of security features for users. There’s an Iris scanner and facial recognition, in which Samsung combined these two biometric authentication called Intelligent Scan to unlock the device and provide an easy to use two-factor authentication on Google Play. There’s also a fingerprint scanner on the back and they are repositioned to answer those complaints that they had with the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner placement. With the Galaxy S9, the fingerprint sits more ergonomically below the camera module.

Other features that the new Galaxy S9 | S9+ have are the new AKG tuned stereo speaker setup for richer audio experience and with that, the new flagship handsets are the loudest Samsung phones ever. Then we have the heart rate sensor which proved to provide accurate heart rate results. The Galaxy S9 | S9+ is also water and dust resistant with IP68 certification with water tolerance of up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. And last but not the least, there’s a headphone jack, every other manufacturer have given up on a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack but thankfully so far, Samsung is still making them available for the latest Galaxy S series device and that’s a good thing.

The new Galaxy S9 | S9+ will be available in store shelves in selected markets starting on March 16 in these following color options: Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, Coral Blue, and Lilac Purple. These color schemes varies by region however, Samsung may introduce new color options later on. Prices will also depend on region and will be available next month as it launches in the market. With the new handsets, Samsung is also introducing an all new DeX Station which when connected will turn the phone intro a keyboard and touchpad.