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The Samsung Galaxy Note7 would become available as soon as it goes official

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jul 17, 2016 )    |    News


In the next couple of weeks Samsung will be unveiling the new Galaxy Note7 to the world which will revive the awesomeness of the Galaxy Note family since the Galaxy Note 2 came out almost four years ago. Like us, Samsung who is the primary organizing company of the Samsung UNPacked 2 event is also very excited to out the next Galaxy Note flagship, in fact, their invitation for the event doesn’t just a simple announcement and a welcoming image but a brief explanation of the things to come with the Galaxy Note7 and how the company shape the upcoming flagship to get inline with the trend that the company is heading with technologies bound to be including on today’s most anticipated device in the mobile market.

Despite numerous occasions and leaks where there were a handful of renders and live images of the Flagship, no one has figured out when the flagship would become available or at least be ready for pre-order, as many customers, fans and enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for Samsung to make the device available as soon as possible. However, customers might no longer have to waiting for another day or a week as new report suggests that Samsung in a number of key regions including the Netherlands, North America, South Korea and possible in Europe will have its pre-order open on the same day the flagship becomes official.

Though that might still be needing a confirmation, but reliable sources agrees that it will be the case. One thing more that’s mysterious is that we still have no any clue regarding its pricing. Looking back at the previous Note launches, Samsung might be sticking with $700~ for the base model and if there’s an even more than just the base model as some suggests, it could be a $100 more to it. We could also expect some major giveaways for pre-ordering customers will free gadgets like the Gear VR, Gear Smartwatch or perhaps a number of accessories that might include a wireless charger or a cover at least.

We’re hoping that the Galaxy Note7 can live up to the hype that is currently taking place and that it will bring back some of the missing features that we’ve missed with the current Galaxy Note 5. Just to note some, the Galaxy Note7 will bring an iris scanner to the table, a powerful Snapdragon 821 SoC or the latest Exynos chipset depending on the region, a rumored 6GB RAM that’s probably in one of its variants however a 4GB RAM is essentially by default for the base model. There’s also a boosted S Pen features that will take advantage of the Galaxy Note7’s large curved screen.

More of Galaxy Note7 in the coming days as we get closer to the UNPacked 2 event this August 2, stay tuned…