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The Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi goes global

cjmagowan  —  5 months ago ( Aug 29, 2018 )    |    News

The recently announced Pocophone from Xiaomi that made its debut in India has just gone worldwide with its launch in France, Hong Kong and Indonesia simultaneously. And this isn’t just the last time that Xiaomi would do such event as the company not only committing to bring the new POCO F1 handset from these territories mentioned by all through other areas around the globe.

While Xiaomi initially unveiled the new POCO F1 with a cheaper price tag at least in India, the case for other countries such as in Spain and France for example are slightly different. In Spain, the POCO F1 will start at 330 Euros but Xiaomi offers a 30 Euros coupon that pulls the price down to 300 Euros. In France, the handset starts at 360 Euros for its 6GB/64GB variant. In the Philippines, the Pocophone POCO F1 starts at 17,990 Php while its 128GB variant retails at 19,990 Php.

Despite this pricing differences, the POCO F1 is still the cheapest flagship phone around beating the OnePlus offering based on pricing.