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The Nokia 3310 is now available in 4G, at least in China

cjmagowan  —  12 months ago ( Feb 02, 2018 )    |    Mobile, Technology

When HMD Global announced that they would bring back the iconic Nokia 3310 moniker it was nostalgic and simply a simple alternative to what we commonly used now with smartphones. Though it was intended to bring back memories as we literally took as it is, HMD Global isn’t just redeveloping and bringing more features to the iconic handset but making new technologies available for the feature phone. Thus later last year, HMD Global brought a 3G enabled Nokia 3310 for the Global market and especially to those countries that no longer supports GSM.

Forward a year later, HMD Global is at it again, instead of having a whole new set of phone design and a name, the company decided why not make the iconic Nokia 3310 4G enabled, and they just did that without us realizing that it can be possible.

The new handset is currently available in China though and that’s because the handset supports all Chinese LTE bands with VoLTE support. Apart from these new features, the new Nokia 3310 4G handset also includes TD-LTE which are widely used in the international scene so it won’t take long for international territories to catch up with the craze. And then, users will be able to broadcast its internet connection capabilities through Wi-Fi tethering.

What thing that makes the new Nokia 3310 4G variant different from its siblings is that it runs a different OS overall called the YunOS, a variant of Android that’s not even compatible with the rest of the Android ecosystem itself and instead relies on web technologies to do its thing with primary focus on cloud integration.

What this means though is that is will be coming with specs beyond what feature phones usually shipped with. Just a glimpse on what’s inside are the following: 512MB of storage with microSD support and 256MB of RAM to run the OS.

The rest of the specs are all the same with the first modern Nokia 3310 including its 2.4-inch curved screen, signature keypad grid, 2 Megapixel back camera, 3.5mm audio jack and 1200mAh removable battery. Now, take note, while having a dedicated 2G phone would take you a day of talk time, the 4G version of the Nokia 3310 though will put it down to 15 hours of on 2G network and an even more nasty 5 hours of talk time on 4G but who talks on the phone for five long straight hours anyways, well, that’s the figures nonetheless and it’s better to know the fact then and there than people would later know and complain about it.

The new Nokia 3310 4G will be available towards the end of February in China with pricing to be announced later.