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The next Galaxy Note will be the Note 7 with two variants and more features in its arsenal

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jun 15, 2016 )    |    News


Building the hype for the next Galaxy Note device, source close to the company told that the next version of the highly anticipated tablet would skip an entire version number to inline itself with the current marketing scheme as Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 flagship device. From what has been observed, the Galaxy Note series is one digit behind the flagship phone and it seems that it’s about time that the two super-smartphones from Samsung follow the same numerical series for the current model year.

With this development, though the next version of the Galaxy Note would be the 6th iteration of the phablet, Samsung will be skipping a version number and instead named the next Note as the Galaxy Note 7 to align itself with the Galaxy S7 in terms of version naming and to reduce some notion that being behind in version number would mean to doesn’t come with the latest technologies when in fact it comes more updated that the “S” series.

If you’ve read our previous posts, we did mentioned that the upcoming Galaxy Note device was being tested in two variants and just like what we’ve previously thought, the Galaxy Note 7 is strongly believed to come in two variants with one having a flat regular screen and the other is an edge variant but we’re yet to determine whether the latter is an updated version of the Galaxy Note edge or will they adopt the entirely radical design of the Galaxy S7 edge’s dual edge screen.


Another thing to look out for the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 particularly with the edge variant is that users of the alleged phablet will be able to do more than just the usual tapping and swiping of contents on the curved edge of the device. For the new Note 7, users will be able to use and write something on the edge with the S Pen, the tool that the Note series devices is equipped with. With the ability to use the S Pen on the edge, some things should be pretty more useful and more intuitive when working for something, perhaps on menus, taking short notes and the likes without launching a full-blown app unto the screen.

And finally, adding more features to the technologically cramped handset is just part of the deal and that would be some more added security features to the upcoming phablet. Though this is still unconfirmed but speculations points out that the Galaxy Note 7 in addition to a fingerprint scanner would include an Iris scanner which currently can only be found on fewer devices which are mainly not available in many regions. With the Galaxy Note 7 with an Iris scanner built-in, it would hope to popularize another biometric scanning technology on smartphone devices which will then add more security measures for users of the phablet.

Also, as the excitement builds up everyday, rumors suggests that the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to hit the market by August which also seemed to confirm earlier reports for the possible launch of the handset.