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The new Xiaomi Black Shark Helo: An affordable gaming device with powerful specs

cjmagowan  —  3 months ago ( Oct 26, 2018 )    |    Mobile, News

It seems like it was just yesterday that Xiaomi first unveiled their gaming-centric series handset Black Shark, Now 6 months after the first generation handset went live in the market. Black Shark now unveiled a follow-up of their handset with the new Black Shark Helo. It continues to offer the best gaming device for mobile gamers at a very affordable price.

As you’d expect, the new Black Shark Helo comes with an impressive set of features designed to cater mobile gamers but one of the biggest improvements that it has over its predecessor is the screen. from IPS LCD, the new Black Shark handset now uses an AMOLED screen which is a lot better as it gives better black, more power efficient and more punchy colors and It’s a little taller too with its 6.01-inch panel.

It still sport a full-HD+ resolution with a refresh rate at 60Hz display though but it comes with Iris mobile video processor from Pixelworks that has video enhancements and an added ability to upscale SDR content to HDR.

It is powered by no less than the Snapdragon 845 chipset from Qualcomm with a choice of RAM configurations from 6GB, 8GB and its top of the line 10GB. as standard, the new handset has 128GB of storage with the exception of the 10GB RAM variant which has 256GB of internal storage. Like the first generation Black Shark handset, the new Helo also does not include an expandable memory so everything has to work on its internal memory.

The new handset comes with a promising 4000 mAh embedded battery that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. There’s no word as to what OS the device would boot into out of the box but experts are leaning towards MIUI 10 as the best bet at the moment.

A smartphone today is not complete with a full set of cameras, good enough, the new Black Shark Helo does include a dual camera sensors on the back that comprises a 12 Megapixel and 20 Megapixel combo with an f/1.75 and f/2.2 Apertures respectively. The front is not going without a fight either as it also comes with its own 20 Megapixel sensor with an f/2.2 Aperture lens.

As a gaming enthusiast phone, the new Black Shark Helo includes a Game Studio – a control center app that lets you tweak your CPU parameters, display, touch and basically every gaming settings for every games you’ll have on the phone. And one niftly little feature on the new Helo is Black Shark’s “Shark Code” feature that lets you share your game settings and profile to your friends.

To enhance its gaming experience, Black Shark has front stereo speakers but misses a dedicated audio port. To alleviate the situation, all wired headphones and earbuds will have to deal though USB-C is a special dongle.

Aesthetics at its best, the Black Shark Helo comes with a logo on the back that has RGB lighting and those small strips on the sides for an aggressive gaming looks.

As far as accessories are concern, the new gaming handset does include a single analog controller inside the box for both of its 6GB and 8GB variants while the top of the line variant will be shipping with two gamepads which are placed on both sides of the handset (when horizontally oriented) for any ultimate gaming experience.

The new Black Shark Helo will only become available in China with its price starting at CNY3,199 for the 6GB variant while the 8GB version is priced at CNY3,499. It’s top of the line variant though is still without an official price at this point but they should be ready when the first two variants does become available in retail outlets.