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The new Nokia 3310 3G now available in the Philippines for 2,790 Php

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Oct 18, 2017 )    |    Mobile, News

Around three weeks ago, HMD Global announced the 3G variant of the iconic Nokia 3310 for regions where GSM networks no longer exist. We then thought that HMD Global will eventually replace the GSM version of the handset in favor of a 3G variant. Our perception then turns to reality as HMD Global finally brought the updated variant of the handset into the Philippine market.

Just recently, pre-orders of the Nokia 3310 where put hold and retailers were saying that Nokia haven’t shipped any supposedly pre-ordered units to suppliers that It took us almost a month staying faithful on waiting for the units to arrive until customers were sourcing out somewhere else that we had to cancel our pre-orders. Now we know the reason why and if they’ve only waited a little longer, they might just be one of the first to get the 3G version of the handset.

But anyway, as the new Nokia 3310 3G variant goes into different retail stores, customer demands seems to have resurged and various retailers are selling out units as soon as they are posted. The popular feature phone is still and very well in demand and we’re expecting more customers from expressing their interest and getting the new handset.

What’s new with the handset? Apart from the new 3G receiver, the Nokia 3310 3G comes with an updated interface where users will be able to apply some layers of color customization that fits their personality. Users will also find built-in social media java apps from the device where it’s now possible to login and check your Facebook and twitter accounts among others.

So what remains is the iconic 3310 design, all the stuff that we’re familiar with the new generation Nokia 3310 and of course you have Snake to keep your fingers workin’.

The new Nokia 3310 3G will be available in Philippine stores for 2,790 Php. For reference, the first Nokia 3310 2017 with 2G connectivity cost 2,490 Php, that’s not bad for a 300 Pesos worth with more features.