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The Importance of Social Media Screening

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Oct 18, 2017 )    |    News, Sponsored

With so many issues surrounding social media today, it has become increasingly evident that employers everywhere are going to be forced to start doing things like a social media background check or social media screening to ensure that potential employees are not posting inappropriate things, sharing inappropriate things, or even saying negative things about others or the company. Since online presences are such a big deal in today’s society, these screenings can be beneficial in several ways. Social media can be a great thing, but with employees tending to air their dirty laundry on social media sites, companies are being forced to make a social media check to keep track of employees and potential employees. Why is this important?

Makes the Company Look Better

Social media screening is extremely important because it makes the company look better. Though this sounds a little on the cocky side, it is really important to make sure your company doesn’t get a bad rap. For example, if a potential employee or even current employee has the name of your company on their workplace section of their biography, yet they continually post inappropriate things, this can come back to haunt your company. Since you can’t control what your employees and potential employees do in person, you need to keep a check on social media. You wouldn’t want someone who constantly posts inappropriate things to work at your company.

Makes the Employee Look Better

Not only does social media screening make your company look better, but it also makes your potential employee look better as well. Instead of their friends seeing constant inappropriate posts, they will will see positive things and things that don’t offend others. They are also tied to your company, so when your employee looks good, it makes your company look better as well. This can also go for any and every social media account that your potential employee has. It doesn’t take long to do a quick search to find the employees you want to hire.

Prevents Future Problems

Keeping a check on potential employees’ social media accounts can also prevent future problems from arising. If you don’t know what is on your potential employees’ social media accounts, and something is posted that reflects badly on your company, then your company could get a bad rap because of these posts from your employee. Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, you can see whether your employee might cause you troubles through social media by checking their accounts before you hire them. This is a great way also to ensure that your potential employees have not posted negative things about their past work in the posts from the past.


Social media screening seems evasive, and it might even be a turn off for many potential employees. However, there are several benefits that make these screenings and checks worthwhile. Not only will it make your company look better, but it will also make the employee look better in the long run. It doesn’t take long to do a quick social media search for your potential employees and even current employees. Many companies are using these new tools, just like Fama who helps companies find information about potential employees through finding these candidates’ online presence. If you are looking to hire new employees to your workforce, a social media screening can be useful for them and your company alike.