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The iconic Nokia 3310 hands-on review

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Aug 06, 2017 )    |    Featured, Mobile

The iconic Nokia 3310 at last. Nokia’s alleged nostalgic feature phone has been widely accepted that despite the hefty price tag for a feature phone, the Nokia 3310 (2017) seems to be the most sought out device for those who are looking for a perfect backup phone.

After a month of waiting, our Nokia 3310 finally lands in Cebu (Sort of). I had this pre-ordered online and was waiting for a month for the unit to arrive. What we have here in the Dark Blue variant and I have to say that all my time (patiently waiting for it) has been paid off.

So how was the Nokia 3310 (2017) you may ask. For an honest remark, the Nokia 3310 (2017) is way too different from the original model. The only thing that’s nostalgic about it is the Nokia brand and the 3310 model that it bears. Everything else is what modern Nokia feature phone device feels.

One might argue about the design, well, there might be a little throwback from the front fascia but the way its navigation and function keys are laid in is entirely different and has its own substance. Usability-wise, it’s entirely functional and we’re glad about it. The keys are also reminiscent on the iconic Nokia 3310 and we could charge its claim of nostalgia for that.

The Nokia 3310 also has a rear facing camera at 2 Megapixel with an LED flash that doubles as flash light. The camera is fixed focus and it takes a second or two in between shots. The photos are actually good in quality however, don’t take your hopes high but if you’d compare that with any other local feature phone devices available in the market, the Nokia 3310 gets the upper hand. When it comes to videos, the quality are ok and the audio is acceptable.

The Nokia 3310 (2017) is available in both single and dual SIM variants. What is widely available in the Philippines is the dual SIM variant with both SIM slots supports micro SIM’s. It only has 2G connectivity so expect something close to zero online connectivity on this one unless you’re fine to wait for a lifetime to open your favorite website from its built-in browser.

The battery that comes with the Nokia 3310 is BL-4UL and is rated at 1200mAh with a promised 22.1 hours of talk time and 25.3 days of standby time. It charges through its microUSB port and comes with a supplied microUSB-type charger inside the box.

Feature-wise, the Nokia 3310 comes preloaded with built-in functionality such as a Calculator, Converter, Notes, a music player, FM Radio, Calendar, SIM tool kits, Voice Recorder, Weather app.

If you want a basic phone for backup or a dependable daily driver for old school basic communication, the Nokia 3310 wins with no doubt about it. Audio quality is excellent, the keypads are ergonomic for fast typing and the handset itself is lightweight. Despite the polycarbonate shell, you can never go wrong with the Nokia build quality.

The Nokia 3310 (2017) are available in Dark Blue, Silver, Bright Red and Yellow color options with an SRP of 2,490 tax inclusive. They are currently available in batches and are often seen in Metro Manila, some folks said that the handset should be available here in Cebu sometime this month and I bet in limited numbers as well.