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The generation Samsung wearable is here and it’s called the Galaxy Watch

cjmagowan  —  5 months ago ( Aug 13, 2018 )    |    Featured, Gadgets, News

The recently concluded Samsung UNPacked 2 2018 event didn’t just unveiled one but two devices with one being the new Galaxy Note9 and the second which came out with a little bit of a surprise is the new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Designed to fit anyone’s lifestyle, the Galaxy Watch offers a traditional circular design paired with a number of signature straps, different watch faces and a ticking sound to give a look and feel of a real mechanical watch.

You might think that Samsung already have the Samsung Gear SmartWatch wearable to settle with, but what’s with the Galaxy Watch? For one, the Gear wearable almost emit a sense to engineering and ruggedness that’s best suited for adventurers and daredevils. The Galaxy Watch on the other hand projects luxury and classical elegance. Not only that, the new Samsung wearable now runs on Tizen, Samsung’s answer to the more prominent Google Wear OS.

The new Galaxy Watch is currently available in two variants with a 46mm in size and a smaller 42mm device on full metal casing. Like the Samsung Gear SmartWatches, the new Galaxy Watch also has a rotating ring that’s use to navigate through the interface.

The 46mm version has an embedded 472 mAh battery while the smaller 42mm variant includes a 270 mAh battery. Under normal circumstances, both variants promises a “Several days” of continuous usage before it needs a recharge, something that we’ve been waiting to see on smartwatches since it has been in the market.

With the new Galaxy Watch, Samsung added a lot of features to make one’s life so much easier. There’s two connectivity options for the Watch, a Bluetooth version and a standalone LTE version. Both comes with the same Exynos 9110 chipset but the LTE variant has more RAM at 1GB compared to the Bluetooth version coming only at 768MB. But with the software inside it, they both offer the same amount of feature except with the LTE version having an independent wireless connection on its own.

The 46mm variant has a 1.3-inch display while the 42mm version comes with 1.2-inch and is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass DX+. It has an IP68 waterproofing certification which could go up to 50 meters underwater and with its MIL-STD-810G rating, the Watch can actually take a beating and be with any condition possible.

Besides the class and luxurious appeal, the Galaxy Watch is also designed for fitness and physical health with a huge collection of health and fitness related apps and can track up to 39 different workouts, monitor sleep and assess your stress levels. schedule your plan ahead and get reminders on your daily activities and never miss a moment.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch will be available in Silver, Midnight Black and Rose Gold color option and should hit the US market by August 24th with pricing at around $400 for the 46mm version and $375 for the 42mm variant, that’s for the LTE capable unit by the way. Bluetooth only option starts at $330 on its 42mm model while the 46mm one should retail at $350. Pricing for these wearable devices on other markets may differ.