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The Electric sports car for Kids with Henes Broon F870

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jan 02, 2015 )    |    Entertainment


If there’s anything you could ultimately give your little boy a present, then Henes has something that could be just that, meet the Nenes Broon F870, an electric “sports car” or a “supercar” designed and meant for your children of ages 5 years old and below.

The Broon F830 just got what it takes to be your children’s dream car and yours as well, from the design and up to what tech is available inside, the small little car comes equipped with close to realism independent suspension, differential steering, working head and tail lamps, foldable side mirrors, shock absorbers and a four-point safety harness.

Not only that, the Broon F870 also got a full 7-inch Android tablet with HDMI out that serves as the dashboard and a fully functional infotainment control center. from the tablet, kids and adults alike will have full control of the vehicle’s settings with a self-diagnosis program and adjustable driving modes.

Henes is a South Korean company that makes the Broon F8 series, so the F870 isn’t the first of its kind as the company had previous iterations of the vehicle, it’s just that the latest F870 has come now more serious than just your kids average toys.

However, parents who may want one this toys for their children when it becomes available would have to shell-out a considerable larger than the usual budget as the Broon F870 would go between $895 and $1,000.

Also for the kids safety and parents concern, the Broon F870 also comes with a Bluetooth controller which control the vehicle from a distant, like any other RC cars, the vehicle will stop by itself if the connection from the controller is lost or if you drive this thing out of range.

As of the moment, Henes are unveiling these toys as prototypes so it’s still unclear when the units becomes available or how to get one when they go on sale.

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