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Swatch unveils first smartwatch with Touch Zero One

Aimed at Beach Volleyball players
cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 01, 2015 )    |    Gadgets


The long-standing watch manufacturer Swatch is now ready to join the smartwatch craze with the first Swatch Touch Zero One. A smart wrist-worn device that act as your regular timepiece with a touch of smart functions built-in. Earlier in February, the company CEO Nick Hayek had already noted that smartwatches are too small for communication and too power-hungry that it needed to be charged constantly to make it useful, but today the company brought out one of its own with a different twist.

Rather than your almost all in one communication and notification center the Swatch Touch Zero One is not totally what you’ve hope for from a smartwatch as it is especially designed for sports, specifically in beach volleyball as their promotional video has suggested. Instead of a full-blown smartwatch, it’s rather an activity tracker for some sense and what makes it smart is that it comes with sensors that aims to take note with all your beach volleyball activities including your steps and distant traveled during the game plus it has sensors that could distinguish between your high and low hits, attack hits, high fives and even the number of claps you’ve made. It also comes with an accompanying smartphone app that communicates with the watch and computes all your progress and show them on the watch display with all your tracked game personal ranking, your progress and how much calories you’ve lost while playing the game.

Out of the box there’s a built-in three volleyball functions installed but you could download the Touch Zero One app that adds all remaining volleyball related functions. Though it’s a smartwatch, the timepiece can only do things that it does best and that’s of course track your volleyball progress and keep you informed with time. What’s missing with the Swatch “smartwatch” is your notifications, emails, SMS or any ability to control some functions on your smartphones so the Touch Zero One can’t simple do that but will all the purposely built-in sensors the Watch should excel all your expectations as it becomes not only your time tracker but also will all your volleyball game activities and progress.

Since Swatch created the timepiece with beach volleyball in mind, the Touch Zero One will be waterproof and will have a simple curved touchscreen display aided with backlit and with six timing functions which is pretty useful for all your activity needs. Unlike other smartwatches of today, Swatch is proud to announced that their Touch Zero One watch is designed to take on a regular watch battery and keep the watch active for months before replacing them with another battery just like your regular watch.

Swatch hasn’t delve into much details regarding the new timepiece but we could expect its availability at a very least on May just in time for Beach Volleyball for the summer. Though the gadget has its own proprietary driver within the watch itself, we are yet to see in which platform the Touch Zero One is compatible with, but early indications has come to suggests that it would support Android and Windows Phone.