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Spotify serves email warning to users with pirated apps

cjmagowan  —  11 months ago ( Mar 06, 2018 )    |    Entertainment, News, Technology

Spotify for the longest time has been silent about the rampant existence of its mobile app. Users are side-loading the app to gain access to its premium service in which we all know has been available at a cost. Whether users can afford to pay them or not, it seems like getting the service for free is a way to go unless you are being really honest.

Now after its silence, Users of the app are reporting that their service has been cut off short or that the app refuses to work and Spotify sent an advisory email to those users that have been using its music streaming service with an installed app on their device from other sources outside of the official app from Google Play.

The email from Spotify isn’t as alarming as it sound as users already has the idea on what’s going on and that it simply tells them that there have been an “abnormal activity” on the app they were using and reassured them that their accounts were safe.

Spotify in its modest ways won’t be suspending or terminating user accounts at least as of this time but for users to gain access on their account, Spotify is suggesting to download and install the Spotify app from the official Google Play Store.

However, if users repeatedly access Spotify service that violates their terms and conditions, the music streaming service may have to suspend suspected accounts or terminate them altogether.