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Sony Xperia PP10 leaked ahead of MWC 2016

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Feb 21, 2016 )    |    News


Sony recently has teased a planned event at MWC 2016 but details are scarce as to what exactly is Sony planning to showcase at the event. With only a day left before the biggest mobile trade show in the planet opens, @evleaks manage to sneak out what seems to be the company’s surprise at this year’s MWC. Introducing the unannounced “Sony Xperia PP10” or as what they call it at the moment.

It’s shows a brushed metal back plate with an obviously metallic frame with curved edges, dual front-firing speakers and physical buttons arranged similar to the Xperia Z5. Though @evleaks claims that apart from the image that we see above, there has been no word as to what the handset would feature or what specs the handset is sporting, our source is also speculation whether the PP10 model name is the final name of the product or part of Sony’s internal naming convention for unreleased and unannounced devices . It might not even be part of Sony’s MWC event tomorrow so it’s something that everyone is anticipating.

However, Sony fans should find this render a promising piece of information and something that is being look forward into as we see hundreds of grandeur devices at the Mobile World Congress especially with Sony’s successful product line of mobile devices.