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Sony utilizes E-Ink technology to make low-power smartwatches

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Nov 30, 2014 )    |    Technology


Sony has been into smartwatches for a while now, as different manufacturers are getting into the game with different approach and design, their bases still lies on a standard platform of a hardware center and the soft and usually leathery, plastic or textile accessory which forms the straps on these smartwatches, Sony on the other hand has found a way to distant itself from everybody else. We understand that they have already their own line of smartwatch but their new project has utilized a different and radical concept.

Sony came into an idea that uses e-paper for the face and even the strap on the watch, the result was the FES Watch, a unique smartwatch design that came from a company known as Fashion Entertainments. The project was even posted on a crowdfunding site and has since raised over $17,000 which has passed its goal already and should go into production.

But without the knowledge of everyone, Fashion Entertainments is actually composed of Sony employees who has gone into research of putting e-Paper as one new tool to produce fashion goods and how people would react about it. It is part of the internal entrepreneurship in the company and is headed by Hiroki Totoki the head of Sony’s Smartphone efforts and supported by Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai. Included in the marketing research is the notion on how would consumer reacts on a product without the names of big companies such as Sony be associated with it. The result of their crowdfunding tactic is a positive one and while others used crowdfunding to raise money to bring out products, Sony has used the tactic to research on the market viability of the product and to gain feedback before it is launch.

E-paper now proves to be a strong alternative to the conventional display technologies that we have today, not only it uses less power it also allows flexibility of the product. One example is how manufacturer deliver their designs, with e-paper employed, designers can incorporate a number of designs in a specific product where users can actually change them on the fly without actually changing an item. this could also be quite useful with use of new generation colored e-ink technologies where designers could further exercise their skills on different patterns and designs without the limits of static fixed object but the freedom to create designs in a reusable and flexible environments. The project also drives the concept of the e-paper as a viable fashion fabric and not totally another complicated piece of technology that most people have thought.

Customers who’ve pre-ordered the FES Watch would be able to get the device by May. Though quite interesting, Sony haven’t release any information able the wide availability of the device, but knowing the general acceptance of the public and everyone that knows about it, we hope the company would consider it. And yes, it’s a head turner gadget if you ask me.

Will you get one if you’re given a chance to have one? or are you going to pass and settle for something more conventional from other makers? Let us know your inputs about this technology.