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Sony may abandon OmniBalance for Bezel less design with future Xperia devices

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Sep 29, 2017 )    |    News

The Sony Xperia series have adopted its OmniBalance design since 2013 and has been the only design standard that Sony have implement since then. But as smartphone design goes beyond the bezels, Sony will introduce a new generation design for its future Xperia devices, that’s according to the company’s India arm managing director Kenichiro Hibi quoted “you can expect a completely new design from the devices”.

Sony with its Xperia lineup have been playing along with other competitors in the mid-range and high-end segment, leaving the entry-level customers behind. With the company recognizing the shift in the design trend within these segments are going forward to a more bezel less design, Sony in its part will also adopt the changes and hopefully will introduce bezel less devices soon.

Besides being bezel less, Hibi also noted the surge of 18:9 display with an all display front devices. This will be the future of smartphones and Sony will have to adopt these changes if they want to get their pace right forward.