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Sony confirms: End of the road for the Z series

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Feb 29, 2016 )    |    News

Few days ago we witnessed Sony’s unveiling of the new Xperia X line of devices at MWC 2016 in Barcelona Spain, we could hardly misseda few similarities from one of the devices introduced at the event with the current Xperia Z5 which led us to suspect what is Sony’s position for both series of devices.


But just days after the unveiling, a report went through suggesting that Sony will be ending the life of its Xperia Z family to give way for the new Xperia X. We didn’t report such claims right then since we are still gathering information to the legitimacy of the report. And now we are definitely sure about it, though it’s heart breaking for the fans of Sony’s flagship bearer but still we have to report it.

This is what Sony’s have to say for those reports that exploded late last week:

The Xperia Z line has reached its culmination Xperia X series represents a new chapter and evolution of our product strategy. Whilst the Xperia Z series was all about bringing the best of Sonys advanced technologies to smartphones, Xperia X series is based on bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware / software design.

So, as we’ve suspected, The Xperia X family will be the new flagship bearer of the company’s mobile division but experts believe despite the X series’ adaptive nature, still it lags behind the Z series in terms of display as one of the top and best-selling point from the family.

More so, the Xperia X family of devices seems to focus more on the mid-range market which have regarded lately as a more profitable segment in the market next to the entry-level and with Sony’s currently undeniable struggle in the mobile market.