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Sony announces an updated PlayStation VR system

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Oct 03, 2017 )    |    Gadgets

Sony has a new VR headset coming, It is still of the same design as the first generation PlayStation VR headset but this time around, it has work on keeping the cable neat and tied around the headset. The headphone is now integrated into the headset so users will no longer have to deal with the dangling wires are they wear them.

Another design changes from the headset is the new Processor unit box specific for the only for the new headset, current VR headset won’t be compatible with the new cable implementation on the processor box. With the new Processor unit though, users will no longer have to unplug the box from the console and have them connected to the TV if the user wants to play HDR contents to the TV, thanks to HDR Pass through.

And to spot a the new VR headset from the outgoing model, Sony will put the new headset into a slightly different box design basically because the two headsets are fairly indistinguishable up front. Contents from the currently VR headset though is compatible with the new headset so switching from the current VR to the new one shouldn’t be a problem if you have an existing contents around.

The pricing for the new headset will be the same as the outgoing model at 44,980 yen ($398) with an October 14 release in Japan.