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Snake Rewind now available to iOS, Android and Windows Phone users

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( May 15, 2015 )    |    Entertainment


During the days of feature phones, the young generation on that era including me is undoubtedly been spending hours and hours daily playing a simple mobile game Snake that comes with every Nokia handset during that time. If I could remember correctly, we had to compare score with friends that puts almost all our free time trying to break someone else’s record.

But those glory days are forgotten with the advent of the more powerful and more than capable devices that are fitted with touch based interface that seems irrelevant with the games operation and gameplay. But despite the new interfaces on new devices, derivatives of the game Snake still made its way to the new touchscreen enabled handsets and devices.

Finally, coming from the original creator of Snake Taneli Armanto, that graced the Nokia handsets from the last decade is now releasing a reboot of the highly enjoyable game on mobile devices. The Snake Rewind as it is known today is being co-developed with Rumilus Design to bring the game into the smartphone era together with the same gameplay, twists and an update graphics. As we are about to get busy again during our breaks, to get a wider audiences the developers are now releasing the games in all three major platforms in the market namely iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Users should be delighted to know that while the game now has become quite a remake if we’re to speak, it really takes everything it does from its predecessor and that is, it’s completely free of charge so you could just download then install the game and you’re ready to go. So for now as just I’m about to get things started, keep that fingers busy for a while.


For each platform, download the game from here : iOS | Android | Windows Phone