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Small software update for ASUS Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML) deals on system stability

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Apr 12, 2016 )    |    Mobile

ASUS seldom issue updates to their device and whenever they come around they become something for ASUS users to talk about. Few were already had their share of the update when the software update for the Zenfone Zoom and Zenfone 2 Laser went out for these devices and in relation to that, theZenfone 2 (ZE551ML) is also getting a similar update.

Like all other recent updates from ASUS, the new update still doesn’t carry the much larger set of features that everybody is craving for some time already, we’re not even sure if when Marshmallow would hit the stream but rumors suggests that it should be coming around this second quarter of the year. For now, let’s focus ourselves to the small update that ASUS is seeding. With no major features in the bag, the small update instead brought an improved system stability to the Zenfone 2 handset.


The system stability update weighs 103.06 MB and is currently distributed over the air (OTA), users should receive a notification once the update reaches their handset and will allow them to download the handset either through Wi-Fi or through wireless networks.

While ASUS assures users that the small update would clear any existing data, we should still advice users to make a backup before commencing the update procedure, doing so might save users from any possible hassle it would cause if something goes wrong during the update process but for many, it’s an automatic process that will let you leave your phone for a moment for the update to take place.

ASUS haven’t issued any release notes for the update but when they become available to you, it would be better if you let your handset get the update. For users who until now, didn’t get any notifications, please try to check for any available updates manually by going through the Settings menu.