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Sandisk goes super ultra with the new 400GB microSDXC cards

Install and run apps straight from the microSD card
cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Sep 02, 2017 )    |    Computing, Gadgets, Mobile, News, Technology

The race to more storage space on a card just got higher, Sandisk now offers a whopping 400GB of space for their tiny microSD card called the Sandisk Ultra SDXC1 UHS-1. The card is rated Class 10 with A1 specifications meaning, users can happily install mobile apps on the card and run them as if they were installed on the device’s built-in storage. It’s got a 100MB/s of transfer speed which could transfer of up to 1200 images in a minute.

So with that amount of data that you can stuff into it comes with a price. Unlike most other memory cards that you could easily pick one up, Sandisk sets the price of the new memory card for $150 which for the most of us is pricey enough to hold one. might want to take the money elsewhere for that matter and even but another phone for that price. But for users who craves data spaces more than anyone else, the 400GB card may do justice.

But keep in mind though that not all devices supports more than 256GB of memory card capacities. But devices that supports up to 2TB of micrSD’s can easily take the card and have fun with it as soon as you pop-in the card on your device.