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Samsung unleashed a high-end tablet with the new Galaxy Tab S4

Premium features at a premium price
cjmagowan  —  7 months ago ( Aug 02, 2018 )    |    Gadgets, News

While everyone else are moving away from the uncertainty of the tablet market or perhaps were shifting their focus on more budget friendly handheld tablets, Samsung on the other hand moves quite the opposite as they introduce the new Galaxy Tab S4 – a fairly high-end tablet with powerful hardware infused with new and improved features that comes with a premium price tag.

The new Galaxy Tab S4 brings tablet with a 10.5-inch super AMOLED display and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for its entry-level or one would go for more possibilities and workspace with its 256GB variant. Both versions of the tablet will also support up to 400GB of microSD cards so the room of expansion and ultimate handheld computing experience are all there.

The new tablet is equipped with quad speakers that’s specifically tuned by AKG and supports Dolby ATMOS for an immersive entertainment experience. Paying premium also has its advantage and one that makes the experience more natural and intuitive is the included S Pen which ergonomically designed and optimized to work with the tablet’s large display.

As standard, tablets are equipped with cameras both the front and back, in the case of the Samsung Tab S4, it comes with an 8 Megapixel front facing camera and has a f/1.9 Aperture lens that should work well even in low light conditions. On the back is a 13 Megapixel shooter and still has a bright f/1.9 Aperture lens which also is assisted by a built-in LED flash for a far more brighter images. It also takes UHD  4K videos at 30fps while UHD 4K playback runs as high as 60fps.

As a premium tablet, one should expect premium features and as a flagship for this segment, the Galaxy Tab S4 comes with Iris scanning technology for added layer of security to make the tablet secure and more personal. In addition to that, it comes equipped with Samsung Knox – a high renowned security layer for Samsung Android devices. It also has Bixby at its heart so whenever and whatever, there’s a personal assistant that could make simple things even smarter.

Getting accessories to make every computing task a lot more productive as possible, Samsung includes a new and improved DeX support built into the Galaxy Tab S4 which enables the tablet to work much like a standard desktop or laptop PC with support for external display though a compatible HDMI accessory and other computer peripherals. Unlike the old DeX implementation, the improved Samsung DeX no longer have to disable the tablet’s display that allows users to work with multiple displays making the tablet not only the driver for computing but also as another hub for interaction and other inputs.

Other interesting accessories that makes up a lot for productivity is its optional Book Cover keyboard which attached to the tablet magnetically and pogo pins to make the tablet somewhat a regular laptop, think of it something like the Surface tablet but Samsung’s approach offers more than just a keyboard will overall protection. This accessory works well with MS Office suites which includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint, OneNote to name a few.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes with a large 7,300 mAh embedded battery and comes bundled with a fast 15W charger. Out of the box, the new tablet boots Android 8.1 Oreo with Samsung’s own UI on top.

The tablet, like any Samsung tablets is available in two primary flavors, one is a Wi-Fi only variant and the second one comes with LTE Cat16 support. For its pricing, the Base variant with 64GB storage with Wi-Fi only capabilities is priced at 700 Euros while its LTE version starts at 760 Euros. For its accessories, the regular protective cover will cost 70 Euros while the Book Cover keyboard is at 150 Euros. There’s also a charging dock accessory which retails at 60 Euros. The tablet will go on sale starting August 24.